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You may use countertops in various settings, from pubs and fast-food restaurants to fine dining establishments. Countertops may improve or add character to any business area. The suitable countertops might help you create a distinct bar or restaurant style while functioning as sturdy work surfaces. Depending on your company, you’ll need diverse countertops for various business departments. Service counters, food preparation spaces, restroom vanities, and bar tops are all common commercial countertop applications in restaurants and bars.

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Types of Commercial Countertop Materials

Countertops wear and tear in commercial spaces like office kitchens, reception areas, and dining rooms. Some popular materials used for countertops in commercial spaces are ranked by durability, cost, and visual appeal.


A popular choice among house and business owners is granite, which is a sort of natural stone. It begins as rock compressed for millions of years, during which different minerals combine. This fusion results in granite’s white and gray swirling pattern.

Granite’s durability, recyclability, and classic appearance make it a more environmentally friendly and long-lasting alternative to many other countertops. In addition, it has a timeless appeal that ensures it doesn’t depreciate. Also known as hygienic, easy to clean, does not stain or scratch easily, and is resistant to heat. Granite countertops price can start from $40 per square foot depending on the measurement of material requirements.

For variations, we recommend black granite countertops, gray granite countertops, or silver cloud granite if you wanted that your commercial space to look elegant. You could go for river white granite, viscount white granite, white fantasy granite, white ornamental granite, and luna pearl granite if you wanted it to look more natural. Don’t forget to add a backsplash for a busy granite countertop in your restaurant kitchen.


It is an engineered stone made of quartz crystals, resins, and pigments. Since it is man-made, a wider variety of colors and designs are available compared to granite. Professionals can also customize it to your liking with different edge treatments. Just like granite, quartz is also durable and heat resistant. It’s simple to clean and maintain and doesn’t need to be sealed. Quartz countertops prices can start from $50 per square foot.

You can explore with the best quartz countertops options to find the perfect one for commercial space. These variations are not limited to arctic white quartz, sparkling white quartz countertops, calacatta quartz countertops, white quartzite countertops, super white quartzite, Quartz Calacatta Gold, calacatta laza Quartz, and White Sparkle Quartz.

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Marble is a result of limestone being subjected to high temperatures and pressures. This process creates a unique veining pattern many homeowners and business owners seek. While marble is beautiful, it is a softer stone that can scratch and stain more easily than granite or quartz. In addition, it requires more maintenance than other countertops, including regular sealing to prevent staining. Marble countertop prices can start from $45 per square foot.

Carrara marble, Calacatta marble, statuary marble, and white marble countertops are some of the most popular choices for commercial space. Premier Stone Countertops also offer outdoor kitchen countertops in Tampa that are made of marble material.

Commercial Countertop Edge and Depth

Commercial countertops require strong and durable materials to sustain the high foot traffic and usage. Countertop edges recommended are usually 1-1/2 inch, 2 inches, or 3/4 inch thick to create a stronger and more durable edge. The most popular countertop depths are 25 inches, 28 inches, and 30 inches. Still, it varies depending on the industry and usage.

Experts recommend that kitchen countertops have edges that are bullnose, half bullnose, or ogee. While bathroom countertops and vanity tops commonly have beveled, eased, square, or waterfall edge profiles.

Waterfall counters as an option for reception counters, outside or inside your office space. The waterfall countertop is usually built from one slab of material that extends from the top of the counter to the floor. It creates a unique and luxurious look that is perfect for any high-end business. The depth of the waterfall countertop is commonly around 12 inches.

It is always a recommendation to consult with a commercial countertop expert to ensure you get the perfect material, edge, and depth for your business needs. Premier Stone Countertops in Tampa is always ready to help! In addition, you may dial our hotline at 813-733-5770 . One of our staff will be ready to answer your queries.